What people are saying...


“Etelka’s noteworthy strength is her ability to make technical topics accessible and engaging with straightforward, lively language. This was critical as we were publishing very niche and nuanced topics and making them enticing for a wider audience.”

Craig Landy
Entrepreneur and Marketer


“Etelka is a true professional — wrote a profile for me that brings clients repeatedly. She did this by asking a minimal number of questions, then weaving my responses into a coherent professional biography. Her approach seems guaranteed to work in many situations.”

Eileen Keeler
Executive Consultant
High Potential, Inc.


“Etelka is a perceptive, skilled communicator who can take a massive amount of information and distill it into a message containing the most important themes and details. She has excellent people skills that are even apparent in emails and other forms of communication where a personal touch is difficult to convey. She is also adaptable. When given input she listens to it and makes use of it. I enjoyed working with her.”

Tom Payne
Management consultant and author of 
The Causes of Sales Success: The Key to Navigating the Maze of Sales


“Etelka is effective in gathering an array of information and assembling it into an effective story — thus enhancing its value.”


Ron Tevonian
Career Transitions Center of Chicago