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Etelka Lehoczky's journalism


This Startup Trains African Programmers for Top Jobs

Andela trains, and then employs, Africa’s young programmers. For Inc. magazine.

Protect Your Employees From Depression At Work

Your employees’ mental health can affect your bottom line. Here’s how to help them – and your business. For Inc. magazine.

From Selling Clothes Out of a Suitcase to Running a $4.2 Million Company

Originally from Cali, Colombia, Angela Romero overcame a variety of obstacles to make her mark in the United States. For Inc. magazine.

Everything You Need to Know About Creating Videos for Your Business (Even If You Have No Video Experience)

Social video can boost both your company's brand awareness and its sales. For Inc. magazine.

Meet the 'Shark Tank' Stars Who Put Military Spouses To Work

These founders built a business that could move with them. For Inc. magazine.

Why This Lab-Grown Weed Could Feed Your Pets -- And Potentially Save Farming

By genetically tweaking a weed, CoverCress has produced a new crop with sky-high potential. For Inc. magazine.

The Looming Economic Crisis For America's Seniors

Already struggling to make ends meet before the pandemic, our older population is being hurt yet again by the financial crash. For the Boston Globe.

From 16-Year-Old Single Dad to Leader of a $3.1 Million Business

This entrepreneur makes customized newsletters, but that's not really what he sells. For Inc. magazine.

This Salt Company Helped Save Chicago From Disaster

For Inc. magazine.

Simple Strategies To Motivate Your Tech Team

These tactics can make your tech workers want to stay. For Inc. magazine.

California is Bringing E.U.-Style Privacy Laws to the U.S. Here's What You Need to Know

California's new privacy law is one more reason to reassess how you handle customer information. For Inc. magazine.

How to Talk to Your Customers Online -- And Make Them Want to Visit You In Person

To boost store visits and sales, try these strategies. For Inc. magazine.

The Six-Year Itch

Want to reach the top? Aim now. For Money magazine.

The Perils of Plastic?

Untangling the myths about credit for college students. For Money magazine.

Budget for Real Life
An interview with Senator Elizabeth Warren. For Money magazine.

How to Spot a Liar
Dishonesty in the marketplace costs you all the time. Here's how to see the truth. For Money magazine.

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